Welcome to the current web home of Freeline, a support and discussion group for Australian freelance journalists and writers operating mostly as an email list in Google groups, where lightly moderated online discussions are hosted.

Group members are journalists, writers, and other freelancers (including some editors) with different specialities and interests.

There are around 300 members with many attending events and coffee meet-ups organised by members. Any member is welcome to organise a free / cost recovery event.

We welcome any Australian working freelance journalist to join the online discussion. There is no joining fee and you do not have to be a member of the MEAA (journalists’ union) – though many of us are.

Members who no longer work as a freelance journalist and may have a conflict of interest (eg because they have taken a position as a staff editor / publisher / PR agency who may employ or pitch to our members) are asked to remove themselves from the group voluntarily.

To join the discussion,  send a message to the group moderators at freelineoz+manager@googlegroups.com from your preferred email address and include a brief description about yourself confirming you’re a working Australian freelance journalist.  As with any Google group, you’ll  also need to have an active Google ID.

Many members of this group are based in Sydney or Melbourne and in 2013 the group merged two previous mailing lists, freeline-sydney and AFWNetwork Melbourne.

Current moderators are:

Fran Molloy
Keren Lavelle
Bianca Nogrady
Jane Canaway
Tim Richards


• Freeline is an informal collection of participants in a not-for-profit,  Google Group lightly moderated by volunteers
• Members are required to post links, not original material
• If you are a copyright owner of material that has been published or distributed on the Google Groups site associated with this list by a member who has not complied with this requirement and you believe that your rights have been infringed, please follow the Copyright Takedown Process below to ensure immediate removal of the material – and to ensure immediate notification to all list recipients that such distributed material must be deleted.


Please complete, copy and paste an email to Freeline group moderators as follows:

Feedback Form
I am the copyright owner of the following material:

I give notice that there is no permission issued for the Freeline group to reproduce or distribute this material and request that the material be taken down immediately.


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