Freeline goes live

Welcome to the current web home of Freeline, a support and discussion group for Australian freelance journalists.

Founded by a small group of freelancers in 2005,  this group began life as an  email list in Yahoo groups, then moved to Google groups, where it continues to host moderated online discussions.

Group members are journalists, writers, and other freelancers (including some editors) with different specialities and interests.

There are now over 200 members with many attending the regular events organised by the Sydney Freelance Journalists Group.

We welcome any Australian working freelance journalist to join the online discussion. There is no joining fee and you do not have to be a member of the MEAA (journalist’s union) – though many of us are.

Members who no longer work as a freelance journalist (eg to take a position as a staff journalist, staff editor or publisher) are asked to leave the group.

To join the discussion,  send a message to the group moderators at from your preferred email address and include a brief description about yourself confirming you’re a working Australian freelance journalist.  As with any google group, you’ll  also need to have an active Google ID.


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